Applications of piezoelectric transducers have been on the rise in the medical industry and are also continuously growing. From specialized surgical devices to treat cancers to diagnostic equipment that allow parents to see their baby’s heartbeat, ultrasonic transducers play an important role in the healthcare industry in today’s world.

How do Piezoelectric Transducers Work?

Piezoelectric transducers are used to produce vibrations when an AC voltage is made to pass through it. These vibrations help create high-frequency air pressure waves of up to 10MHz or even much higher.

These ultrasound waves can only be created when quality piezoelectric transducers are used. The same materials can also be used in reverse and can be allowed to convert the energy from the waves into electric signals.

Uses of Piezoelectric Transducers in Medical Industry

There are many uses to piezoelectric transducers in the medical industry, and the most common one is in ultrasonic imaging. In the equipment, the echo time of the ultrasound and also the Doppler shift is used to know the distance of the internal organs and also the movement inside the body. A piezoelectric transducer is used to create ultrasonic imaging, and it also converts the ultrasound waves into an electric signal.

Another use of piezoelectric transducers is in the ultrasonic surgery. It is non-invasive and precise surgery to remove any damaged tissues from the body so that it does not affect other parts of the body.

It helps in easier recovery of the patient without the need of any invasive surgeries that can cause complications too.

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