Open cell memory foam mattresses are regarded as the most suitable for individuals who reside in hot climatic conditions. Open cell structure permits greater air flow and it is this airflow that contributes to the cooling effect of the foam. There are reports of certain brands of open cell memory forms resulting in temperatures that are 3 times cooler than other mattresses. This is certainly very helpful when you need to pick a mattress for use in areas that are hot and humid. Here is all that you need to know about open cell mattresses available in Mattress Sales Gilbert.

Mattresses with memory foam on the top layer better choice

It is necessary to choose a mattress with the memory foam making the top layer. This will ensure that the moisture is wicked away, and the soft feel of the mattress will keep the body cool and comfortable. The memory foam will offer the right kind of support to the body while ensuring that the airflow takes away the heat keeping the mattress and the individual occupying the mattress cool.

A considerable number of people are known as hot sleepers – this is mainly because of the heat generated by the body when resting. Even if you do not happen to be a hot sleeper, it would be a good idea to use mattresses with an open cell design. This would help to keep the mattress cool as the constant radiation of heat from the body during sleep is bound to increase the temperature of the mattress.

Choose a mattress with the right density of core foam

While the memory foam should we write on top, it is essential to ensure that the core form is of the right density. This will offer the perfect support for the foam. The core foam is right beneath the memory foam, and this foam offers the support that is necessary for the memory foam. The durability of the mattress and the comfort levels depends entirely on the supporting nature of the core home.

The latest designs of memory foam mattresses available in Mattress Sales Gilbert typically include egg crate designs on the topmost layers. Which permits the heat to travel down through the foam and exit through the open cell structure. Mattresses also come with an advanced fabric material that helps to keep the mattress cool all the time, unlike the close and compact plastic material which prevents the dissipation of heat through the open cell structure.

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