What is it about?

The Security+ certification course is offered by CompTIA which translates to Computer Tech Industry Association. The main syllabi of the course include basic strengths and skills you should have if you are aiming to get into the Information Security industry. The basic skill set that the course will teach you is what will build your concepts in the core area of security.

How reliable is CompTIA?

CompTIA has the heads-up from major authoritative figures like the DoD and more. Their institute is secured by the ISO 17204 standard. The DoD has also permitted CompTIA to meet the requirement of 8120/8570.01, of course, in the directive way. CompTIA is a reliable brand because they assist their students in an industrial, practical way to learn the basic structures of cybersecurity and more. They are lauded for their ways because they judge their students strictly according to their performances. If you perform, you get the security+ certification and anything less, you go home with nothing – it is as simple as that.

Tell us something about the exam.

The security+ certification exam has 90 questions for the participants to answer. The time duration is of 90 mins. You have to get at least 750 on a full score of 900 to pass the exam and get the certificate. Anybody can apply for the examination since it is available in many languages including Japanese, Chinese and Portuguese.

What will you get from giving the exam?

First off, the security+ certification in your portfolio makes you eligible for jobs with a higher payroll. What you lack in experience, can be made up with this certification since it essentially means that you are equipped with all the recent trends in the cybersecurity department.

Apart from computer security, the course involves threat detection and management as well as risk detection and management. You will learn how you can implement the most secure models onto a framework as well as latest practices in the cybersecurity world so that you can pinpoint out hazards and ways to control the damage if they have affected the system.

The exam results are valid for 3 years but you need not worry about it expiring after that time period. CompTIA will itself renew the results, with the added benefit of getting some more training and resources to help you catch up with the stuff that you missed for the past few years.

The CompTIA Security+ certification is probably one of the most useful assets that you can have on your resume. It is a proof on paper that you are well versed in all the major pillars of cybersecurity and cryptography. It is an indication to companies that you are loaded with the most recent practices that they can employ on their company’s security system and you can help them to make it better or intrusion-free. You will be better off with the certification since the document and the knowledge you have gained just speaks for themselves.

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