If you are looking for an alternative to chemical deodorants, then internal deodorant is most definitely one of the best options that you can go for. Internal deodorant helps people to fight body odor from inside.

Cosmetic deodorants work outside of our body, but it does not fix the problem permanently; rather the harmful ingredients of cosmetic deodorants cause harm to our body. However, internal deodorants work internally and help people to smell good from inside.

Here are some best internal deodorants that you can start adding in your daily diet –

Chlorophyll – Chlorophyll is known as the best natural odor killer which helps people with all types of odor including body odor, bad breath, etc. People use a chlorophyll supplement to fight body odor problem naturally and safely.

Zinc – Zinc is known as one of the strongest body odor fighters, and that’s why zinc is used in numerous oral hygiene products. You can start taking 30-35mg of zinc dosage every day to fight body odor from inside.

Plant Foods – If you are looking for internal deodorants, nothing can be better than plant foods. If you are facing a bad breath problem, then you can go for wheatgrass and spirulina as they work great to eliminate bad breath very effectively.

Internal deodorant is also available in the form of a capsule or tablet in the market. If you want the faster and effective result from internal deodorant, then you can also go for these supplements to deal with body odor in a better way.

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