There is always a confusion while shopping for bed or mattress whether to choose king-size or queen-size and most important question asked by many is how much bigger is the king-size bed as compared to queen-size.

Let us, therefore, select them based on the following criteria.

Dimensions and Size

Usually, the king mattress size is 76” x 80”. This is suitable for master bedrooms and is ideal for couples as you can get sufficient space per person. However, this mattress needs a larger room. It will be meaningless to have a king mattress for a small room.

A queen sized mattress measures 60” x 80” and the width is the main difference. However, 16” is certainly a substantial difference. This model is right for those who sleep alone and also prefer spacious bed or for couples who cannot afford the luxury of any large master room.


The comfort will be based on whether you want to sleep alone or with your partner. Sleeping alone in a king-sized bed is no doubt an overkill. It is absolutely unnecessary. However, it can be a good choice for couples as you can get the necessary space for each person.

Whereas queen-sized bed can be more appropriate for any single sleeper. You should consider this option only if you have got a larger bedroom. In case you have a big room, and you have to select between a king-size or a queen-size then we will advise you to choose the former as it is the most comfortable option.

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