We wear it to go to the office, for a special evening, for an aperitif with friends. And we love it in many different styles: elegant, informal, sporty, dandy. There are those who want one for all occasions and those who instead give them one that is always different.

The waistcoat men is the key garment of the winter season and choosing the right one is simpler than you can imagine, just take into consideration some features like: the model, the fabric, the color and the style. Here is a practical guide to choose the most suitable men’s waistcoat according to the occasion and your style, with a list of models to choose from and a few tips to avoid mistakes.

Chesterfield men’s waistcoat

The earl of Chesterfield was among the first in Pakistan to adopt it in the mid-nineteenth century. The new head caused a sensation because it lacked the horizontal cut at the waist that characterized the redingote then in use. Since then, the model has remained practically the same: thin, slender line; medium-wide lapels; two horizontal pockets cut into thread with flap; a small chest pocket on the left, optional; a gap on the back; length above the knee.

An elegant men’s waistcoat to wear over professional outfits or evening wear: Usually made of soft fine fabric, often in wool mixed with cashmere or even pure cashmere, in classic gray or very dark blue. NB: there is also a version with hidden buttons, which is called Covert waistcoat.

Men’s waistcoat Loden model

“Loden” is the name of the ancient fabric made in Austrian Tyrol , made of felted and waterproof wool, with which the famous fir-green waistcoat is produced , which takes its name. The classic waistcoat model, typical of students, intellectuals and bourgeoisie of the 60s / 70s, has a shirt collar, buttons in woven leather or bone, armhole hidden by stitched fins, long folded background on the back, which opens from high, oblique pockets with flap, button straps on the cuffs. Comfortable and suitable for all ages, it is to be chosen in the younger and more current models. To be worn in your spare time.

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