If you are wondering how to unlock your iCloud account, then you just landed the right place. If you Apple devices are faced with an iCloud unlock, you should understand that it will never open and you will never enter your valuable data. So many people around the world are using Apple devices and many of whom might suffer this issue.

No matter you have paid an arm and a leg for your phone, but if you forget your password, no means is out there to make you in your device. You got to walk away, it’s over. You are left with only two options either to throw it away or buy the new one.

Secondhand Apple devices

There’s another case with relation to the password. For example, you are one of those Apple freaks who bought a second-hand phone, but the seller who is previously using that can still prevent you from using your device by blocking it. So, iCloud unlock is very bad news that appears on screen to the extent that you may be completely locked if you keep on entering the wrong passwords again and again.

The first thing to keep in mind is that you are not supposed to re-enter the passwords again and again. One time typing is enough if the password is valid or you will be completely blocked without any hope of recovery. In a situation like that, your device is nothing more than a child toy, throw it away, sell it for nothing or hit it to the wall to bring an end to it. Let’s get back at the point of the secondhand phone.

Final words

The previous owner can still prevent you by blocking the system through iCloud. As a result, you will have to see iCloud unlock message which means your device is no longer yours, you are no longer able to use any of its features and that you have no control over your photos, movies, and personal data at all. Some online solutions on the internet are out there but most of them fail in one way or the other.

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