A sippy cup is basically a training cup for your child with a lid and spout. These cups are specially designed to help babies to drink water. Initially, the design was created by Richard Belanger that was sold to Playtex in the year 1981.the sippy cups are basically a transition from bottle-feeding to regular cups. Babies at the age of 1 to 3 are required to learn drinking water or any liquid through a cup. Babies at this early age couldn’t make it hold a cup tightly and drink the liquids without spoiling their clothes and space. Surely there was a need to have something more useful that can be easy to grab and drink by little ones. Sippy cups in this regards come forward to help your child learn how to hold a cup and drink. Now the parents will not be worried about any spoilage of clothes or space anymore.


There are many small to large size businesses who offer customized baby sippy cups. However, the designs may vary widely from one provider to the next. We offer the best designs of the sippy cups very reasonable price. The vibrant colours and customized features make them ideal for choice. You can order the cups as per your kid’s interests and we also mention the name on the bottle so it won’t is mixed with other baby’s cups.


The quality of material by which we have designed these sippy cups is outclassed. Surely, being a parent, you must have to be watchful about your child’s health. Therefore rest assured that if you buy a sippy cup from our website, your kid’s health will not be affected in any case. Get attractive designs of sippy cups and make a fantastic addition to your child’s accessories!

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