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Which Are the Best Places to Install Motion Sensor Lighting Systems?

Installing motion sensor lighting systems in your residence is a great way to keep your family and home safe. However, it is important that the sensors are installed at the best places so that there are no possibilities of an unauthorized entry. This guide will brief you some tips to install motion lighting systems. Where to Place Motion Detection Systems?

  • At Entrance
Front and back door of your house is the main entry point and therefore need to be secured primarily. Irrespective of if you have placed a lock or not about 34% thieves use house’s front door to get inside while about 22% use back door. You should try installing motion sensor lighting systems in such a way that if someone tries to enter your facility, you can detect it and can take necessary action.
  • Garage
The garage door is one of the simplest ways to get entry into a house. Some people keep their high-priced sporting material in their garage such as bikes, cars and tools etc. which makes it susceptible to theft. For safety, make sure that you lock the garage after you park the vehicle. Moreover, ensure using high quality locks since thieves and burglars are expert in unlocking equipment and making unlawful entry. If you park the vehicle in the driveway, make sure to put a lock on that as well. If you live in a thievery prone area, install a motion sensor lighting system for the safety of your belongings. Installing a motion sensor will ensure that if a thief tries barging into your garage, lights of motion sensor get illuminated and you call the police for assistance. There are various online retailers, which supply best home alarm systems at affordable prices. (more…)

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July 2017
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